About Us

Hello and welcome. This blog is about making the best or optimal choices for your family on your road to Financial Independence.  Some may also choose to Retire Early.  For those new to the game, this is called FIRE.  It should be especially relevant if you have kids, pets, a mortgage, student loans, and other financial obligations that drain bank accounts every month.

Let’s face it, there is already lots of amazing FIRE blogs out there.  They cover most everything you’ll see here about chasing FIRE.   They’ve offered myself and all who read them an alternative to the standard path through life, and I’m forever grateful.  That being said, most of the biggest blogs I read are by people who are already years deep into retirement, make amazing amounts of money from their post retirement work, and/or have always been frugal people who’ve been great at saving money since high school.

Many of us don’t fit that description.  We’ve buried ourselves deep before looking for a way out, and now some of the best money saving techniques are no longer so simple to implement.   Do you uproot your family (again) to save money on housing?  Do you sell the second car?   Do you avoid introducing your kids to potentially expensive hobbies, and take them out of expensive schools?  How do you make the right choice when each expensive one could add years between you and retirement?

It’s not going to be easy making these kinds of choices.  But this blog will hopefully help my family and others to work through them.   That way we can all take the best roads for each of us that lead to the lives we want.